A.p. Last Grade Service Rules in Telugu

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The service shall consist of the following categories of bodies: namely:- provided that, at the time of his first appointment, there were no provisions or orders requiring the probationary period for that post, the provisions of those rules and the special rules relating to the probationary period shall apply to him and any period of service he has completed in that employment before the date of adoption of these rules shall be set off against the probationary period; where appropriate, to the extent that that service would have mattered if those rules and the special rules had entered into force at the time of the first appointment. Provided, in addition, that the group of candidates thus constituted is reviewed after a period of six months from the date of approval of the examination in order to examine the case of other persons whose names have not been included in the group of experts previously constituted because they have not passed the prescribed examinations or do not possess any particular qualifications, who are required by the regulation if they have subsequently passed these examinations or have acquired the above qualifications and if they are otherwise deemed suitable for inclusion in the panel of the year. However, such an examination of the list of admitted candidates may not be carried out where the rules do not require special examinations or qualifications as a condition precedent for promotion or appointment by transfer, unless otherwise provided for in this Regulation. Note-2 Posts with one of the designations mentioned in these Rules of Procedure Provided that the Promotion Committee of the Department may be required to prepare ad hoc panels also for appointment to a service by promotion or transfer, even on a temporary basis. Unless this sub-rule applies to a trainee to whom an indictment has been presented during the prescribed or extended probationary period, or against whom an indictment has been filed with a court during the prescribed or extended probationary period, or who has not acquired the special qualifications or who has failed special examinations if prescribed by the special provisions, or to acquire other qualifications which may be declared equivalent to such special qualifications or special examinations by the Land Government or by the appointing authority with the consent of the Land Government during the said probationary period. It is also provided that a member of the military may appeal the appeal authority`s order to the government within three months of the issuance of the appeal authority`s order. Explanation:- The renewal of a person`s term of office under this sub-rule shall not be considered as the first appointment to the service, category or category concerned for the purposes of this recruitment programme. How to cancel an invoice submitted in ddoreq and how to submit the first pay slip of a person who has been put into service for the first time. and how four months` salary of the person in ddoreq sir nenu 24-09-2010 lo schreibkraft ga reasons of compassion somehow conditional appointment ayyanunaaku ivvabadina condition both Superiors Telugu & English 2 years (2012) lo complete cheyalani. but Nenu completes cheyaledu another 2 years of teesukunnanu extension 2012-2014. 2014 lo chesanu complete but nenu service whole lo increments emi tisukoledu naaku increments ela istaru rule position cheppagalaru Sir, I have a doubt now I work in the central government department.

This service will be added to the state`s teaching work in Andhrapradesh. Please clarify with me for further clarification: the principle set out in this rule also applies when a common integrated list for categories of different services, classes or categories is to be created. Sir, if an employee was declared regular and on probation after 6 years of service, took sick leave and received re-entry orders in October. This article provided me with useful knowledge. Thank you for sharing the certificate attestation service in Bahrain. Keep up the good work. Provided that those rules, unless expressly stated otherwise, are not intended to deprive that person of any right or privilege to which he or she is entitled under a provision or order made to him or her applicable before the adoption of such a rule. Sir, send 70% promotions 30% recruitment service rule for my mail nalpa_raj@yahoo.co.in Provided that if the body is prepared by an authority subordinate to a head of department, in the exercise of the powers conferred on him by the special arrangement, the aforementioned power of control may be exercised by the head of the department. This does not prevent the State Government from exercising the powers of the above-mentioned revision against the orders of the head of department or any other subordinate authority. Hello sir, I joined the RWS&S department as a subordinate in 2014. Now I have completed my degree remotely and have completed my sample exams both Telugu and superior to Telugu Superior. So now I want to know if there is a G.O.

to give the rebirth of the typist, whether in the base of the state or not. So please answer me, sir, as soon as possible. * * * * * Thank you in advance Sir * * * * Provided that this rule does not apply to a person appointed to a position in a service, class or category whose appointment is made in consultation with the Telangana State Civil Service Commission or the Departmental Promotion Committee or any other body designated by the Government for recruitment. In addition, provided that the head of the department may transfer a member of a service from the unit of one appointing authority to the unit of another appointing authority if the presidential decree is not applicable: provided that the claims of members of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, socially and educationally backward classes, women and persons with disabilities or former soldiers, where appropriate, account shall also be taken of other appointments made on the basis of an open competition, the number of appointments reserved for that category being in no way affected during the period during which the reservation for that category is in force. Provided that any agreement or contract entered into in the exercise of the powers conferred by these Regulations also provides that the provisions of these Regulations or of the special rules relating to the organization apply to all matters for which no provision is contained in the agreement or contract. In addition, provided that, when applied to members of the Secretariat and to the staff of the Governor, such rules and regulations are interpreted as if the functions of the State Government under those rules and regulations were within the functions of the Governor, the grade category is greater than one, even if the selection is to be made only for a vacant post in the case of recruitment other than limited recruitment. .

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